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Well there goes the Expanded Universe. Its been a privilege to contribute to the universe but now some of my SW works are just part of a glorified "fan fiction". I'm still looking forward to contribute to the new canon but part of the Star Wars fan in me died with the official announcement. I just hope that some parts of the EU will make it through to the new canon. As far as future Star Wars works are concerned I can no longer draw on my knowledge of the EU cause the slate has been wiped clean and everything will be new territory from here on out. Whether this is good or bad I really can't decide at this point. I'll just have to wait and see how things pan out.

What are your thoughts on this news?
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Twilight16Master Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I try to look on teh bright side... at least Force Unleashed is no longer canon. that's good, right?
DarkPhlame412 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014
I personally didn't have an issue with the old stuff no longer being canon (well, I do have an issue with the fact that Disney did it so they don't have to worry about giving credit where it's due). My problem is that all of that will no longer be worked on. So, any unfinished storylines we were attached to? Never going to be resolved.
Douglas-Macleod Featured By Owner Edited Jun 26, 2014  Student Photographer
I wrote a rant on this on other forums. Will crosspost from my original:

My thoughts - I feel like the EU is now "open season." Authors and whoever else can pretty much do as they please, and disregard pretty much other pieces of EU that have quite well dropped steaming hot piles of dogshit on well respected canon (Force Unleashed, TOR, Clone Wars, etc).

At the same time, because there's no longer a concern of stepping on Lucas' toes (despite his continued toe smashing on the EU), I feel that many of the projects put on hold because of the Clone Wars series could be revived - the final novel in the Republic Commando series comes to mind, really. This can also mean the continued novelization of Luke Skywalker and co (the new films will focus on the Skywalkers/Solos post ROTJ) - SW authors have been leading these characters through the EU since the early 90s, it would seem improper not to continue the projects.

Look at all the opportunity - "the big three" are geriatrics, their kids and friends are alive and kicking [except for Anakin and Jacen but alas], and plenty of other EU characters in that era [Katarn, Boba, Kanos] still have plenty of tales left to tell. On a final note, one of my biases against Lucas is his disregard for the EU. Yes, the SW universe is/was his to change at will, but there's something to be said for respect and gratitude. Between 1983 and 1999, what kept SW fans coming back for more? The EU - novels, comics, and games. Some of it was crap and pish posh, but a good chunk of it was well written material that surpassed the utter trash to come.

The 2000s EU continued the trend with more quality products (still plenty of shit too), but what mattered was continuity - EU authors and game designers referenced the films and other EU works, building a sense of wholeness. Lucas, however, when given chances to reference fan favorite works, instead decided to kill characters, rewrite backstories, throw entire series' out the window, and overall dumb down the entire franchise for fucking pre-pubescents who had never seen ANH (and probably never touched a record player before). I understand Lucas is all about teaching kids and making kid friendly material (remember the Indiana Jones chronicles he and Spielberg worked on? That was all about teaching tykes), but he and his companies sold out. Lucasarts' shutdown was pure karma, and good riddance to the bastards....*END RANT*
TK-4117 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
I do as I always have done, focus on what I enjoyed about Star Wars before 1999, and remain blissfully ignorant of anything new that makes me shake my head and return to my West End Games Star Wars source books, Original Film DVD's, and EU novels.

I don't hate the new, nor do I argue or debate what happens with the movies, special editions, reprints, or recons. I accept they exist though they are not what I remember when I look to Star Wars.

Some days though, I find someone who loves the setting for what I love, and for a moment I can feel fantastic again about a universe that inspired me through my early childhood and carried my imagination on into the adult. 

You have my sympathies, and my admiration for your contribution and artwork that made our dreams so much more.
Wedge009 Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
I don't keep watch on Star Wars news (otherwise I'd just get impatient about the upcoming movies), but I was under the impression that - early on, at least - the creators of the new trilogy would do their best to respect the existing post-RotJ EU as best as possible. While I was pleased to hear about the return of several characters from the classic trilogy, I was unhappy about the blanket nature of the EU deprecation. Sure, there's some pretty weird stuff that goes on and - to me, at least - the stories got stranger the further away from the movies they got, chronologically. At the same time, though, there are some very good - and well-loved - characters and stories that get the boot as well. Thrawn, Jade, Horn, just to name a few. I suppose I can understand Force-related stories being rewritten because that side is unique to the Star Wars mythos (the nature of visual media presents Force-wielders as being pretty weak compared to their novel counterparts where there can be lots of detail about the mental side of Force battles), but I'll miss the military-focused stories - like those about Rogue and Wraith Squadron - which generally don't delve too much into the Force aspect.

They may still incorporate bits and pieces of the EU - as was done in the prequels - but in hindsight I suppose the wipe-out was inevitable if Lucas et al want to write new stories after Episode VI. I'm just wondering who they're using as the antagonists for the new trilogy. Granted, the Star Wars galaxy is a big place, but I find it hard to believe that the Empire we know from the classic trilogy could still be a threat 30-35 years later. Not to mention it'd be pretty hard to bring a villain as iconic as Vader - Lucas always seemed to be of the position that Episodes I-VI were always about Anakin as the central character.
millernumber1 Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
I think it's completely expected, but that doesn't make it any happier for me. My childhood as a scifi fan is heavily based in the EU, and I still think many of the works hold up as good books and scifi. Furthermore, I have absolutely no confidence that the new Star Wars material will be more than fairly competent filler.
Grifen Featured By Owner May 13, 2014   Writer
I think that can be a good thing to reordinate some good stuff becouse the EU is pretty caotic and contradictory: there was some very goods pieces in EU (Jedi Knight series, at least the games), the Old Republic era, the X-Wing series (X-wing, Tie FIghter, Alliance series), and a very good think is the Disney get the good stuff and try to correct it with in a coerent manner.
However, I fear the Disney choose to discontinue the old EU because part of it was under license to third parts, and maybe retake some of it's chapter require to reviewn these licenses. For Disney is more cheap delete the old EU and start with stuff make by itself.
chadoble Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Student Photographer
This is absolutely nonsense.There is a huuge eu and they say we don't care.They must make movies of that series.At every condition,it definitely be better.ok,we will go to watch movies,but this doesn't mean we will like them.
Cpt-Crandall Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Just because someone at Lucas says they are not official "canon", does that impact what the stories are or mean to you? I think it is a good thing. The EU was a mess. And they aren't junking them. They now have the freedom to take these story lines and characters we love so much and fit them into the universe in a new and fresh, and probably better way. There were so many nods to the EU in Clone Wars, and I think that was awesome. So I look forward to seeing that all in the new films and in Rebels.
8-0-8 Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
Heh, that's something. In a way it seems this was inevitable.
Ah well, it can't be helped.
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