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Well there goes the Expanded Universe. Its been a privilege to contribute to the universe but now some of my SW works are just part of a glorified "fan fiction". I'm still looking forward to contribute to the new canon but part of the Star Wars fan in me died with the official announcement. I just hope that some parts of the EU will make it through to the new canon. As far as future Star Wars works are concerned I can no longer draw on my knowledge of the EU cause the slate has been wiped clean and everything will be new territory from here on out. Whether this is good or bad I really can't decide at this point. I'll just have to wait and see how things pan out.

What are your thoughts on this news?
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Hi friends and fellow deviants,

I've recently started a Facebook artist page as an effort to get more exposure as a professional artist and to get my art out there to the wider public.

You can check it out here>>

I'd appreciate it if you guys can help me spread the word. Just like and share it:) Thx a bunch!
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It just dawned on me that despite my love for Tolkien's Middle-Earth and also being a big fan of PJ's movie adaptations I do not have a single LOTR or Middle-earth related illustration in my gallery. This sad state of affairs must change and thus, for the sake of conversation and gathering ideas, I thought it might be fun to ask you fellow deviants and/or tolkien-o-philes what cool or interesting scenes you would like to see me illustrate from Tolkien's vast tome of work. Currently I'm reading The Hobbit but I've already read LOTR and The Silmarillion almost a decade back so I think I'm somewhat familiar with Tolkien's mythology and I have some rough ideas of what I'd like to paint but I would like to hear your suggestions. Fire away!

Also....Did you like The Desolation of Smaug? Yay or Nay?
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Hi, I'd like to inform everyone in this community that I am officially a self-employed artist in IFS now and I'll be accepting proposals for commissions from now on. So if you'd like to hire my services please feel free to shoot me a note but kindly take note that I WILL NOT accept any sort of personal or private commissions (unless it pays well). Commercial works are most welcomed. I will accept payment either by PayPal or bank transfers.
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Might be a shot in the dark here but does anyone have any interest in both Medieval history and Church/Catholic history? And how bout theology?
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I just tried the demo for Shogun 2 Total War and it was amazing.  CA really did a great job with this one judging by it.  I really love the detail, atmosphere and new features plus there's more movement and action during the tactical battles which makes it much more epic and a joy to watch although this does make it a tad bit fast as well but I can live with it.

Can't wait for Shogun 2 Total War.  Anybody a Total War fan here?
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Hi all,

Rescued By Love prints and other goodies are available now.  You can purchase them here -->…

God bless!

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Hi all,

I'm now selling art prints of some of my work.  The following artworks are for sale right now and there will be more in the future.

Calm Before the Storm…
Springs of Cresson…
Pepper Morning…

If you're interested pls check them out and buy one.  Thx for your support in advance.  God Bless.
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Modern Warfare 2 and Mass Effect 2
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