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So lets talk The Force Awakens and in particular the 3rd and latest trailer that came out just a couple days ago. Amazing is hardly enough to describe how awesome I felt that trailer was. My heart was racing the whole time as scene after scene flashed in front of me and just filled me with child-like excitement which I haven't felt for a long time for a Star Wars movie. So many cool moments in the trailer but I'll just name a few that stuck out and resonated with me most strongly.

1) Han telling the new kids that all the stories about the Jedi and the Force are real. The contrast in belief between OT Han and Han of the sequels couldn't be more stark and it suggest the he has gained some wisdom over the years through his companionship with Luke and moved from wise-cracking skeptic to a believer in the Force. Also intrigued that Luke, the Jedi and the idea of the Force are still shrouded in myth and legend. I wonder if the deeds of Luke Skywalker at the Battle of Endor have also passed in to legend. I think it'll be cool the look at the events of OT from the eyes of Rey and Finn.

2) Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren. This scene gave me the most chills and still does. I think its the mystery surrounding this guys and the sheer fact that they look so damn badass just standing there in the pouring rain. I've read that their looks were inspired my medieval knights so perhaps that's another reason I find them so cool. Each individual member has a unique look to them and carry different weapons from blasters to vibrostaff or forcepikes. Definately looking forward to seeing these guys in action.

3) The dogfights are back with a bang! Star Wars to me will always be about cool spaceships and epic space battles. As a kid that was the main reason I fell in love with Star Wars. I only learned to love the Jedi/Sith and Force aspect of the movies as I grew up. This leads me to a question I've always had about the prequels; there's no denying that the prequels had some pretty epic space battles but somehow I did not feel the same way about them as I did the Original Trilogy. Why? I think maybe it never felt to me like I was an active part in the battle, it felt more like I'm on rails and I'm just along for the ride unlike the OT where I'm in the cockpit with Luke or Wedge blasting away at Ties. TFA looks like it'll deliver that same experience and I'm freaking excited for it. If any of you feel the same way I'd like to hear your thoughts.

4) The soundtrack. Though it wasn't done by the maestro himself I really love the blend of classic John Williams score with more modern sounds. It elevated the trailer from cool to f***ing EPIC and it delivered on the feels in a big way. I especially love the addition of war drums in the "Force theme". I almost feel disappointed that it won't be in the actually movie.

So those are my highlights of the trailer. Let me know what you guys think of it and feel free to also discuss and speculate about the movie itself. Just less than 2 months away people. The Force is about to awaken!
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I've been a long time fan of the X-wing games but to my shame I've never really played the crown jewel of the SW space simulator franchise, Tie Fighter. Thank God then for cuz now I'm sinking hours in the Tie cockpit blasting away at Rebel scum. After all these years this game still hold's up very well and its pretty damn challenging to boot. Some of the bonus objectives are nigh impossible to achieve and I've resigned myself to not chase every single one of them for the sake of my sanity but it does feel good to see those red pins in your medal case and its worth the effort of getting them, just not to the point of self torture haha.

Also I like that flying shieldless Ties forces me to be smarter about how I fly and to learn how to approach certain targets with minimum exposure to incoming fire but once I progressed to the Tie Advance/Avenger and the famed Tie Defender its back to my Rebel roots. The only difference here is that these ships are blazingly fast! The latter is almost OP in my opinion, having everything from heavy weapons and shields to incredible speed but I guess a loyal servant of the Emperor deserves nothing less and the best the Empire has to offer, not that I'm complaining:) Thinking about it further in seems like in Tie Fighter you move from pack hunter to the top predator/lone wolf as the ships you fly become more and more powerful as you progress through the campaign whereas in X-wing every ship that you fly has its strengths and weaknesses according to their respective combat roles; if you want lots of firepower and shields you'll have to give up speed (B-wing, Y-wing), you want speed you'll have to sacrifice firepower and shields (A-wings) or if you want a balance you can settle for the jack-of-all-trades (X-wing).

Still it feels so good hunting down traitors of the Empire and when Lord Vader shows up you know that some serious shit is about to go down. What a classic game!

On a related note what do you guys think of the newly revealed title of SW Episode VII?
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Well there goes the Expanded Universe. Its been a privilege to contribute to the universe but now some of my SW works are just part of a glorified "fan fiction". I'm still looking forward to contribute to the new canon but part of the Star Wars fan in me died with the official announcement. I just hope that some parts of the EU will make it through to the new canon. As far as future Star Wars works are concerned I can no longer draw on my knowledge of the EU cause the slate has been wiped clean and everything will be new territory from here on out. Whether this is good or bad I really can't decide at this point. I'll just have to wait and see how things pan out.

What are your thoughts on this news?
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Hi friends and fellow deviants,

I've recently started a Facebook artist page as an effort to get more exposure as a professional artist and to get my art out there to the wider public.

You can check it out here>>

I'd appreciate it if you guys can help me spread the word. Just like and share it:) Thx a bunch!
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It just dawned on me that despite my love for Tolkien's Middle-Earth and also being a big fan of PJ's movie adaptations I do not have a single LOTR or Middle-earth related illustration in my gallery. This sad state of affairs must change and thus, for the sake of conversation and gathering ideas, I thought it might be fun to ask you fellow deviants and/or tolkien-o-philes what cool or interesting scenes you would like to see me illustrate from Tolkien's vast tome of work. Currently I'm reading The Hobbit but I've already read LOTR and The Silmarillion almost a decade back so I think I'm somewhat familiar with Tolkien's mythology and I have some rough ideas of what I'd like to paint but I would like to hear your suggestions. Fire away!

Also....Did you like The Desolation of Smaug? Yay or Nay?
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Hi, I'd like to inform everyone in this community that I am officially a self-employed artist in IFS now and I'll be accepting proposals for commissions from now on. So if you'd like to hire my services please feel free to shoot me a note but kindly take note that I WILL NOT accept any sort of personal or private commissions (unless it pays well). Commercial works are most welcomed. I will accept payment either by PayPal or bank transfers.
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Might be a shot in the dark here but does anyone have any interest in both Medieval history and Church/Catholic history? And how bout theology?
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I just tried the demo for Shogun 2 Total War and it was amazing.  CA really did a great job with this one judging by it.  I really love the detail, atmosphere and new features plus there's more movement and action during the tactical battles which makes it much more epic and a joy to watch although this does make it a tad bit fast as well but I can live with it.

Can't wait for Shogun 2 Total War.  Anybody a Total War fan here?
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Hi all,

Rescued By Love prints and other goodies are available now.  You can purchase them here -->…

God bless!

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Hi all,

I'm now selling art prints of some of my work.  The following artworks are for sale right now and there will be more in the future.

Calm Before the Storm…
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If you're interested pls check them out and buy one.  Thx for your support in advance.  God Bless.
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Modern Warfare 2 and Mass Effect 2
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