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August 5, 2012
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Battle of Kutna Hora by wraithdt Battle of Kutna Hora by wraithdt
Another illustration done for Medieval Warfare Magazine a few months back.

This is the battle of Kutna Hora fought in a cold winter night between the Hussites, led by the famous commander, Jan Zizka, and the combined Hungarian and German coalition led by King Sigismund of Hungary (also soon to be Holy Roman Emperor). As you will notice the Hussites were a primarily infantry force based around the tactic of using war wagons as a bastion against enemy heavy cavalry assaults, a tactic Jan Zizka used to devastating effect and hence made popular among medieval armies of the European east. Here The Hungarians and Germans are caught off guard as Jan Zizka conducts an offensive push to break through the royalist forces which have surrounded his own.

You can read more about the battle here >> [link]

Its was also interesting to read about the Hussite heresy and how it came about and why the Church was adamantly against them. There was even a letter sent by Saint Jeanne d'Arc to the Hussites threatening them with extermination if they did not renounce their heresy and embrace Catholic orthodoxy. Of course in such wars there's also always a whole lot of local politics involved which drove the conflict.

Hope you guys enjoy this piece :)

And if any of you are interested you can check out the magazine here. Its a very interesting magazine if you're in to medieval history. >> [link]
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profutur1971 Apr 6, 2014  Professional General Artist
Belle image ! Bon travail ! Félicitations !
the two shield guys are from spain, the tower is Castile and the cup is from Galicia. why are they in a german/ Hungarian revolt?
cerkvenik Mar 16, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Great! I loved the tower shield guy!
archproart Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
fantastic work of art....a quality piece...
Excellent work! Makes me wish the Hussite battle wagons had made it into Total War.  
Wait, what heresy? What Jan Hus and a lot of his followers wanted was that the church and its wealthy and corrupt leaders would return to the humble origins of the church and to be more like Christ himself.
Your battle paintings are mind-blowing!
CajkaCZ Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Very nice :). Czech patriots it makes you happy
very impressive!!  I was just wondering would it be okay if i could use this image as concept art please? its from a game design document im doing for uni, the theme is based on medieval times and will have 3d battles, this art piece would come in really handy in describing the looks we are going for.
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