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Darren Tan
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Born and raised in Malaysia, I'm formerly from Imaginary Friends Studios but I now work as a full-time Freelance Artist/Illustrator. I have a beautiful wife and an adorable little girl whom I live my life with in sunny Singapore as a proud and devoted Catholic family.
So lets talk The Force Awakens and in particular the 3rd and latest trailer that came out just a couple days ago. Amazing is hardly enough to describe how awesome I felt that trailer was. My heart was racing the whole time as scene after scene flashed in front of me and just filled me with child-like excitement which I haven't felt for a long time for a Star Wars movie. So many cool moments in the trailer but I'll just name a few that stuck out and resonated with me most strongly.

1) Han telling the new kids that all the stories about the Jedi and the Force are real. The contrast in belief between OT Han and Han of the sequels couldn't be more stark and it suggest the he has gained some wisdom over the years through his companionship with Luke and moved from wise-cracking skeptic to a believer in the Force. Also intrigued that Luke, the Jedi and the idea of the Force are still shrouded in myth and legend. I wonder if the deeds of Luke Skywalker at the Battle of Endor have also passed in to legend. I think it'll be cool the look at the events of OT from the eyes of Rey and Finn.

2) Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren. This scene gave me the most chills and still does. I think its the mystery surrounding this guys and the sheer fact that they look so damn badass just standing there in the pouring rain. I've read that their looks were inspired my medieval knights so perhaps that's another reason I find them so cool. Each individual member has a unique look to them and carry different weapons from blasters to vibrostaff or forcepikes. Definately looking forward to seeing these guys in action.

3) The dogfights are back with a bang! Star Wars to me will always be about cool spaceships and epic space battles. As a kid that was the main reason I fell in love with Star Wars. I only learned to love the Jedi/Sith and Force aspect of the movies as I grew up. This leads me to a question I've always had about the prequels; there's no denying that the prequels had some pretty epic space battles but somehow I did not feel the same way about them as I did the Original Trilogy. Why? I think maybe it never felt to me like I was an active part in the battle, it felt more like I'm on rails and I'm just along for the ride unlike the OT where I'm in the cockpit with Luke or Wedge blasting away at Ties. TFA looks like it'll deliver that same experience and I'm freaking excited for it. If any of you feel the same way I'd like to hear your thoughts.

4) The soundtrack. Though it wasn't done by the maestro himself I really love the blend of classic John Williams score with more modern sounds. It elevated the trailer from cool to f***ing EPIC and it delivered on the feels in a big way. I especially love the addition of war drums in the "Force theme". I almost feel disappointed that it won't be in the actually movie.

So those are my highlights of the trailer. Let me know what you guys think of it and feel free to also discuss and speculate about the movie itself. Just less than 2 months away people. The Force is about to awaken!
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Love your artwork!
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you should draw the doomgiver Star destroyer 
TheDarkWepon Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Hey! Your medieval artwork is fucking ASTOUNDING and I love it. I was wondering if you do commissions? I've been looking everywhere for someone capable of drawing a truly beautiful medieval/fantasy battle.
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Hi! I'm add your work in my journal! click!
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have you ever drawn angels?  Just in general I mean.  To be sure, I love your SW work and others, it just seems like your style couple lend itself to some amazing work with angels.
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have you done any work for FFG's lotr card game? 
really love your SW arts and recently got into lotr lcg, was wondering if your work is there too
M240guy Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016
Always in awe of your work for FFG. You just nail it perfectly. Keep 'em coming, man! :)
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Love your work.
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Darren what a absolutely beautiful gallery you have!! congrats! Love Love Love 
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